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At Life Refined Chiropractic (LRC), we have one mission: to see you living your life as close to your 100% as possible. Whether it's eliminating or reducing pain, stiffness or headaches, improving focus at school or work, increasing physical performance & mobility, or experiencing more energy at the end of the day with those you love, we want to help you acheive your 100% as quickly as possible. Our doctors provide the latest and most advanced care available in the Noblesville and Fishers area.

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A Wellness Center

As a healthcare provider, I see it all the time. The community in general thinks that the cooler weather and kids back in school must inevitably mean that sickness will soon follow. But when you take a step back and consider the actual cause and contributors to illness – there are a lot of health swaps we can make to help prevent what many think is the inevitable. The flu doesn’t magically return from summer vacation in the fall – and the common cold doesn’t return just because the weather gets cold. All of these germs are around us all... Read more

Dr. Staci Blume, DCOctober 15, 2018

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My life has changed in so many positive ways since seeing Dr Staci & Dr Nate. My overall health and wellness is not only important to me but it is also their focus. I have had significant "monthly" pain -- this is the first month that I have had significant relief. Their personalized approach is refreshing. The atmosphere of the office is welcoming & calming. Sarah is so helpful and kind. The doctors will give you the time for questions you may have about their methods. Life Refined is definitely a game changer! Bravo

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