Three Lessons From Our Little Lion

Dr. Staci Blume, DC wrote this on March 12, 2018 • Blog Three Lessons From Our Little Lion

Imagine. You’re relaxed, lying on the adjusting table and ready to receive an adjustment you know will improve your day. In the background, you hear a loud and happy voice projecting more loudly than the baby’s age would initially make you believe possible. That’s Milah! We call her our “little lion,” as she’s just recently found her voice and loves to use it. She’s never been a crier – but it does appear as though she, too, will be a public speaker one day, and she’s already practicing her skill.

“Why is there a baby in the office?” you might wonder. First, let me tell you that the decision to incorporate our daughter into our daily life at the office was not a decision we made lightly or without much thought and discussion. In the end, we determined that the benefits of this decision far outweighed the potential drawbacks – so much so, that we wanted to share with you our perspective.

Lesson #1: A Five Mile Precedence

A lion’s roar precedes it everywhere it goes, extending up to five miles and making itself known with confidence, courage and boldness. Milah’s powerful roar reminds us that we can best serve our practice members and community by exhibiting these characteristics. We know that the best way we can impact the health of our community is through seeking out opportunities to teach, share and practice what we’ve learned. We desire to make ourselves known in our community as a resource for excellent health – and we’ll be happy to share with you what we do for our own family. Our approach may challenge what you’ve believed for most of your life – which means to transform the health of our community, we must be confident and courageous and share what we’ve learned with a roar!

Lesson #2: Create A Community

Lions live their life in a community – they operate best as part of a pride. We’ve already found that having our “little lion” in the office helps to nurture our practice member community. It’s easy for parents to see that we’re a family-friendly office, that children are not only welcome but encouraged to come in for care. We’ve already found how great Milah is for creating comfort for parents to ask health questions related to their kids, as well as a safe and comfortable environment to have them checked by chiropractors they can trust. Milah fosters an environment of community and connection – one of our top core values.

Lesson #3: Recovery Is Vital

It might surprise you to learn that a lion sleeps about 20 hours per day! Milah isn’t sleeping quite that much anymore, but her frequent power naps throughout the day in her pack-and-play are a good reminder that rest is necessary for the amazing growth we see in her on a daily basis. She wakes up happy, rejuvenated, and ready to play. This is a great lesson for a couple of reasons. First, to work hard and stay focused, we must also take time to rejuvenate. It’s easy for all of us to forget this in our busy daily lives. It’s also an important health lesson: our bodies heal and recover when we sleep – and if we don’t allow for enough sleep, our bodies have a hard time recovering from health challenges or keeping us near our potential. Recovery is vital for health!

Next time you’re in our office, let our “little lion” Milah’s happy roar be a reminder; you’ll find bold and courageous health ambassadors in this office, who desire nothing more to provide a community of healthy individuals and families, and provide opportunities and reminders to take time to recover and enjoy life to its fullest – helping you reach your 100%!