Father's Day - In July This Year?

Dr. Nate Blume, DC wrote this on July 02, 2018 • Blog Father's Day - In July This Year?

I don’t know how it happened! I’ve had the bulk of this Father’s Day blog written for the entire month of June and suddenly realized that I’ve missed the boat. Well, to be honest, I’m not sorry. I filled my month of June making myself more available to the kids, to the Life Refined Grand Opening prep/execution and my darling wife Staci. Who would ever regret that? In the meantime, the boys had their last day of school, I helped out at the St. Simon festival, our Grand Opening was a huge success despite a monsoon, Trent won his first actual tennis match, I coached Drake’s baseball team to a CHAMPIONSHIP and Staci and I even squeezed in some date nights together. Phew, I’m suddenly feeling winded. So I’m going to release what I had assembled for the Father’s Day post a few weeks late and call it a day.

I truly do love writing these blogs. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to carve our an hour or so to sit down and do them, but the ability to revisit them down the road is a true gift. Every single one is a window to my personal life as it is portrayed through my professional lens. Every June, as Father’s Day approaches, I return to the blog I wrote 5 years ago “Dear Boys, Your Dad Loves You”. I vividly recall the conversation I had with Dr. Tony after he presented me with that question - “What if you couldn’t check/adjust your kids for a month?”

Fast forward to 2018, the Blume family has grown and Trent and Drake are now entering 4th & 2nd grade and it’s more evident than ever that their lives are different because they are Chiro kids. They attended their 2nd Indianapolis 500 a few weeks ago and they not only posed questions about why people ate some of that terrible food, but noticed posture on passers by. “Dad, that gentleman’s head is really stuck forward,” or “did you see how that kid’s right shoulder was so much higher than their left?” One of Drake’s friends was absent from school one day this spring and Drake asked me if he came to get checked at my office since he wasn’t feeling well. These kids GET IT!

The idea discussed in the old blog wasn’t about turning our kids into Chiropractors, but rather giving them the best chance to reach their 100% potential. Now Staci and I have opened a new office with that exact idea as the foundation. How can we get more of our community to engage and perform at their 100%? Imagine how great it would be if your spouse was at their 100% every moment with you. Are you at your 100% for your spouse? For your kids? We’d love be able to help you get closer to your 100%. Give us a call and let’s see where you are. 317.674.8857