5 Great Nutritional Supplements for Your Children

Dr. Staci Blume, DC wrote this on October 15, 2018 • Blog

Dr. Staci Blume, DC wrote this on January 26, 2021 • Blog

We've got a lot of different advice and mandates and recommendations and information coming at us from all sorts of directions.

So, instead of trying to wade through all this new stuff, I just wanted to bring you back to some basics.

How do we keep our kids healthy?

Really, there's nothing more important in the world to me than that, so I wanted to share some of the advice that we use at our house. I have lots of different ideas for you, and I'm going to share those in upcoming blogs.

Today, my advice for you is basic nutritional supplements.

The site you're on is our professional online dispensary, where I've got a couple of protocols set up for you. There's an adult immune boost protocol, as well as a kid's or pediatric boost protocol, so that you can very easily find trusted professional nutritional products that are going to help your children's health thrive.

This is incredibly important to me, since, as you know, I have my own kids at home. This is what we do for them every day.

#1: Probiotics

There's lots of different ones out there.

Make sure you get one from a professional company, and don't buy your stuff on Amazon. You don't know what you're actually getting.

Chewable probiotics are one version. The Flora Bites are fantastic and they actually taste good,, but they're not quite as cost-effective.

#2: Omega-3

Omega-3 is great for the brain. This is brain food, and if you're not eating enough omega-3 in your food - which none of us are, since we just don't have access to that kind of food - then we need to supplement to make sure our bodies are getting what they actually need.

#3: Dietary Supplement

The one I'm using for my kids right now is D-Hist Jr. This is great for allergies, but it also has a lot of vitamin C and quercetin, other nutrients, and nutritional ingredients that we know boost the immune system and help their body when they do come into contact with bacteria and viruses,

Because let's be real - we're all gonna come into contact with bacteria and viruses. We already do every single day. It's not what bacteria around us are doing, it's how our body responds to it that will determine our health outcome, so let's take care of the inside.

There's an adult version of D-Hist Jr, too.

#4: Elderberry

Ours is from Green Growers, a local company for organic ingredients with some local honey. It has other ingredients we know is supportive of the immune system.

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