About Us

The name of our office ‐ Life Refined Chiropractic ‐ came after much discussion and development of exactly what we wanted our office to represent, and it's purpose within the community.

Our Clinical Approach

Our goal is to raise our family in a community of healthier individuals and families. We will determine how close you are to functioning at your 100% potential and report to you. If you are satisfied, we'll give you a high five and tell you to keep it up! If you want more out of life, we'll have recommendations to reach your goals. If you choose to engage, we'll be behind you every step of the way.

Your First Visit

Your first visit to our office ‐ Are we the best place for you to be? Our goal on visit one is to determine your current state of health. How close are you to your 100%? Our primary focus is determining if nerve disturbance is keeping you from achieving higher goals. This visit is all about us learning as much about you as possible.

What's Next?

Visit #2 ‐ Review of Tests ‐ we will have answers. Either we have recommendations on how we can help, or a referral to someone we know to be better suited to best help you reach your goals. YES, we will send you elsewhere if we know it to be the best way for you to reach you goals. During this appointment we will review the role our office plays in your overall health and functional capacity and discuss what you can expect if you choose to engage with our office to improve your life.

Core Values

We have identified a list of 10 Core Values for Life Refined Chiropractic, LLC.