Father's Day - In July This Year?

Dr. Nate Blume, DC wrote this on July 02, 2018 • Blog

As a healthcare provider, I see it all the time. The community in general thinks that the cooler weather and kids back in school must inevitably mean that sickness will soon follow. But when you take a step back and consider the actual cause and contributors to illness – there are a lot of health swaps we can make to help prevent what many think is the inevitable.

The flu doesn’t magically return from summer vacation in the fall – and the common cold doesn’t return just because the weather gets cold. All of these germs are around us all of the time! So, what makes fall and winter different? Our health habits often cause our immune system to take a dive – especially increased sugar intake, which seems to start right after…..you guessed it – Halloween. And it lasts through Valentine’s Day, or so it seems!

Since most illness and disease feeds on sugar – reducing sugar is a sure way to help out the immune system. But replacing real sugar with artificial sweeteners opens a whole new can or worms in the health problems it creates. In the end, making a shift in the foods we routinely consume and striving to make the majority of those food choices healthy ones is what will impact our long-term health the most. This Halloween, you can make an impact on your family and those around you in a variety of simple ways

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