Chiropractic Care to Treat Injuries Related to Personal Injury

Dr. Staci Blume, DC wrote this on October 15, 2018 • Blog

When you have suffered a personal injury and have been harmed from a car accident, slip and fall accident, or other type of accident, it’s important to get both the legal and medical help you need. A personal injury lawyer Washington D.C. residents frequently turn to can help resolve any legal questions you may have. However, it’s important to take care of your physical needs as well.

Chiropractic care may be an attractive way for injury sufferers to experience overall healing and pain relief from their injuries. A chiropractor may assess your injuries in the initial visit, help outline a treatment plan, collaborate with your medical team, and hopefully provide you with treatment that will give you some relief from injuries.

Your First Meeting

First time chiropractic patients may feel apprehensive when considering treatment from a chiropractor. For someone who has never been adjusted, it can feel a bit scary at first. At your first appointment, your chiropractor may walk you through each step of treatment so that you are feeling as comfortable as possible. You can expect to:

Review the details of your accident

Assess your injuries through examination

Speak with a professional regarding your pain levels and your range of motion

May ask you if your are suffering from other symptoms that you may not realize are related to an injury

Request X-Rays or MRIs if you have them

They will help develop a plan of care for you based on your injuries. You will likely do this together by discussing your injury and putting together a course of action.

Your chiropractor will review adjustments and ensure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect. They will likely walk you through an adjustment as it occurs and check in with you throughout.

Develop a course of action for treatment

There are a number of benefits to seeking a chiropractor for some injuries that are ascertained on the job. A chiropractor may have the ability to reduce the pain you are experiencing while promoting overall healing of the body.

Relief from Pain

A chiropractor may be able to provide you with relief from some of the pain you may be experiencing. Although you may still require treatment from your regular healthcare provider, a chiropractor can provide you with a medication free way of managing pain. The following are ways that a chiropractor can help you reduce your pain from a personal injury claim:

A chiropractor may manipulate the spine by providing you with a series of adjustments targeted to the affected areas.

They may teach you how to execute specific exercises to help strengthen and rehabilitate the injured area

Administer massage to affected areas in order to help relax the body and reduce pain

The last thing anyone suffering from a job related injury wants is to experience pain indefinitely. Not only could it impact your daily functioning, living with pain may also impact your quality of life.

Prior to accessing treatment from a chiropractor, you may first want to check with both your insurance company and your employer regarding whether chiropractic services are covered. Having this information ahead of time, can help you determine how you will manage expenses should you be hit with a medical bill after treatment.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Cohen & Cohen, P.C., for their insight into personal injury.

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