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Dr. Nate Blume, DC wrote this on April 02, 2018 • Blog

You MUST be kidding me! People are choosing their healthcare professionals simply by which one is closest?

In my last blog, We Let It ALL Go, I shared the reasoning behind Dr. Staci and I starting all over again in a new practice. In doing so, I’m researching what type of advertising works in today’s world. Turns out no one uses a phone book anymore! What they are doing is asking Alexa, Siri or their phone for a “Chiropractor near me.”

I get it. Last weekend I was on a ride toward Ohio and asked for a “coffee shop near me.” The first several listed were Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and an AM/PM. I don’t think so. After several failed attempts I finally changed my search to “barista near me” and found a local/independent shop in a neighboring town and enjoyed a fantastic Americano. (Yes, somehow many coffee shops manage to mess up espresso and water.)

Maybe I’m picky, but I seldom choose my activity or service just because it’s the closest. I drive to Halo Salon in Carmel every other week to get my (and the boys) haircut by Loni Wilson. She is the one that rescued me after I didn’t cut my hair for all of 2010. I drive past at least a dozen other Optometrists to see Dr. Ciano with Revolution EYES at Clay Terrace because he’s a progressive entrepreneur like me and always has the most stylish eye wear. Mercury and fluoride free Dentists aren’t the easiest to find so driving all the way to Meridian St. to see Dr. Gary Walton is a no-brainer for me.

Am I kidding myself to think that everyone else does some research before engaging with a business? I’d like to think that our years of experience, the thoughtful content and genuine transparency we put into our website and communications would help us win some Chiropractor face-offs, but in a world of “close by” and “near me” are we sacrificing talent for convenience? Heck, before we opened our doors here a “Chiropractor near me” search in this area would have taken you to a crack me quick, no exam, no x-ray Chiropractic office. Enjoy that with your gourmet cup of Joe from the gas station.

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