"A lot of lower back pain that I struggled with sarting with my first pregnancy 12 years ago. Then started noticing it in upper back and neck."

"You guys definitely care about your patients...and make it a very personaized experience."


"Came in with a lot of neck pain and lower back pain. I'm a police officer I sit at a weird angle all day (in squad car) and it's been causing me pain over the past 5 years."

"In just a few short months I have full range of motion in my neck again."

Upper Back

"Upper tightness, sit at a desk all day, hunched over and just super tight."

"Definitely loosened up my back, loosened up my shoulders, and I sit more upright."

"The ability to sleep more soundly at night and get off my blood pressure medicine."

Lower Back

"My lower back, pain every step."

"As far as the pain level, I started off as an 8 and now it's not even daily and probaly a 3 now."

"It's a night and day....I found myself dancing while cleaning the house."


"I was a runner for many years and I was just having problems with my hip."

"I don't have pain in my hip like I had...it's changed a lot of different things with me in general."

"I'm not able to do this anymore (sit on the floor with kids)...now, as time has gone on, I can do that again."


"We could bring our baby, Rafael, he had skin conditions as well as ear conditions and not sleeping well. That's all improved."

"(I have) More energy to play with him"

"If I want what what's best for me, why not my baby?"